A Simple Plan - Miniature Soap stylez

Miniature Soap - Pedro The Lion cover "A Simple Plan", playing FC's guitar. Sorry for looking comatose, but it's really hot in my room and I'm staring at the lyrics which, as you can hear,...

The Lion Army ' Wildlife Documentary ' [Full Documentary]

lion king little lion man christian the lion the lion king lion snoop lion lion king songs lion attack lion sleeps tonight lion king 2 white lion lion attacks lion reunion lion vs tiger mumford...

Pedro The Lion- It's Hard to Find a Friend (1998) [Full Album]

  • Length: 42:50
  • Views: 62
  • Posted by: Pepi Cai

Of Up and Coming Monarchs The Longer I Lay Here Big Trucks Suspect Fled the Scene Bad Diary Days The Longest Winter When They Really Get to Know You They Wil...

Pedro the Lion- A simple plan( cover)

Made several mistakes on guitar and lyrics. Otherwise, enjoy!

Pedro the Lion - Lullaby

Pedro the Lion - Lullaby.

Pedro the Lion - Winners Never Quit

Album: Winners Never Quit.

MASHUP: Pedro the Lion/ Rihanna/ The Postal Service/ Bob Dylan

Of Minor Prophets and Their Prostitute Wives (Pedro the Lion) Stay (Rihanna) The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (The Postal Service) Ballad of a Thin Man (Bob...

Pedro the Lion - Suspect Fled the Scene

Album: It's Hard to Find a Friend (1998)

the bombernaut covers transcontinental by pedro the lion

don't drink soda before you sing.

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